Conveying elements for the food, pharmaceutical and chem. industry

Typ 726 tiefkuehlrollen

Newsbeitrag vom Oct 31, 2019

News article from 31/10/2019

The Rollex Group, headquartered in Werne (North Rhine-Westphalia), is known for driven and non-driven idlers, motorised rollers, drum motors, belt rollers, zero pressure accumulation system components, dynamic storage technology as well as roller rails and accessories.

In order to meet the increasing demand from the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the product range and capacities have been expanded accordingly. Rollex offers a variety of solutions in diameter ranges from 16-130 mm. The rolls are configured at Rollex according to customer requirements. It is possible to choose from various materials such as plastic or different stainless steels. As a castor consists of a bearing set or single-sided drive and a material suitable for the application, there are also many variants available. At Rollex, everything is done taking into account the requirements, such as sealing, material, food suitability FDA in the bearing area as well as the application of various other coatings such as PVC, NBR rubber coating, polyurethane, epoxy resin, chrome, Teflon, etc. as well as conical plastic elements for curved tracks.

Belt rollers made of HDPE plastic tubing have also been developed especially for the food industry. As a drive element, you can generally choose between a round belt or V-ribbed belt drive, chain or toothed belt wheel.

If very clean and quiet operation is required, the range of motorised rollers and drum motors can be used. For example, "oil-free" and energy savings through low self-heating are important product characteristics for synchronous motors. This makes the energy-efficient drives not only interesting for applications in the food sector or in cold stores, but also less sensitive to high ambient temperatures. With protection class IP66 as standard and IP69K as an option, the synchronous motors are ideally suited for the usual cleaning processes in these areas. These units are manufactured by our partner company Momentum, which specialises in motor rollers and drum motors.

In the area of roller rails, the 726 series can also be used in chemical plants or sterile cleanroom environments in addition to applications in the food sector thanks to its hermetically sealed rollers with antibacterial components. The roller strips can withstand a wide range of industrial cleaning agents, including hydrochloric acid, for example. The rollers can be ordered cylindrical or with a flange.