Motorized Rollers - Overview


Motorized Rollers 840–50

The Rollex 840-50 motorized roller, ideal for transporting small containers and cartons, offers an optimized solution for setting up continuous or zero pressure accumulation conveyor systems by combining motor and controller in one element. This eliminates the need for additional components such as external motors, chains or drive shafts and reduces assembly work.

Simply mount it in the roller conveyor, connect it to the external control card and benefit from powerful, reliable technology that enables high speeds of up to 1.3 m/s and smooth operation, while flexible control options make the material flow precise and productive.

Motorrolle 840 50 1
Motorrolle 840 50 2

Motorised roller 840-50

Variant 1

Motorised roller

Variant 2

Motorised roller 840-50

Variant 3






0,20–0,48 m/s

0,51–0,77 m/s

0,76–1,30 m/s


1,8 Nm

0,9 Nm

0,6 Nm