Roller Rails - Overview

The use of Rollex roller tracks offers clear advantages over conventional, static storage and is evident in various aspects of storage and logistics.

Rollex roller tracks offer impressive flexibility in the warehouse, which can quickly adapt to different storage conditions and goods requirements. This enables optimal use of storage space. In addition, the freedom of movement of the roller tracks facilitates the handling of goods. This leads to more efficient storage and retrieval of goods and reduces manual effort.

Furthermore, the use of Rollex roller tracks leads to considerable time savings. Goods are quicker to access and easier to transport, which shortens storage and delivery times. Finally, Rollex roller tracks contribute significantly to cost savings. Optimized storage and reduced handling times reduce operating costs. The more efficient processes lead to better use of resources, which ultimately results in a reduction in overall costs.


Type 720

The workhorse of the Rollex range. The roller track type 720 can handle the heaviest weights with ease. The coordinated components and simple handling make assembling roller tracks child's play.


Type 723

Equipped with plastic or steel rollers, type 723 is the all-rounder among the roller rails. The possible applications are virtually unlimited. Galvanized steel profiles ensure a long service life.


Type 726

The type 726 roller track is ideal for transporting light and small goods from A to B as quickly as possible. Rollers with wheel flanges hold the transported goods securely in the track.


Typ 720

Typ 723

Typ 726

Areas of application

Pallet transport, in-plant transport, interlinking of workstations, lateral guide rails

Carton and plastic container transport, flow rack conveyors, order picking warehouse, guide rails, assembly machines

Roller conveyors, roller carpet, guide rails, work tables, interlinking of work tables

Rail material

sendzimier galvanized U-profiles

galvanized steel profile

Steel profile

Load capacity per roller

steel roller 150 kg/pc.

plastic roller 10 kg, steel roller 20 kg

Plastic roller 2 kg/pc.

Resistance moment - profile

4,6 cm3

2,2 cm3

0,5 cm3


50 mm

48 mm

28 mm

Delivery length

6.006 mm

6.000 mm

Pitch in mm

52, 78, 104, 130, 156 usw.

50, 75, 100 usw.

33, 50, 66, 100

Temperature range

-30 bis +80 °Celsius

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