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Rollex im Wachstum

Newsbeitrag vom Nov 19, 2019

News article from 19.11.2019

In autumn 2019, the first rollers left the new production hall of Rollex Förderelemente GmbH & Co. KG in Werne in autumn 2019.

Production at the new plant has been in full swing since September 2019, significantly supporting and expanding capacities in the area of series products. The production area of Rollex Systems has thus grown by a further 5,000 square metres to a total of 31,000 square metres. The machinery is also being expanded to include several fully automatic high-performance saws, robots and a large number of special machines and presses. This package of innovations now offers specific framework conditions for the production of series items. This is already noticeably reducing the workload at the existing plants in Werne and Ebersdorf.

"The new site will enable us to meet the growing expectations of our customers in terms of product quality, on-time delivery and production capacity much better. We are proud that the realisation and commissioning went so smoothly. It would not have been possible in this form without the active support of the employees and everyone involved," said the management spokesman.

The optimisation of the flow of goods and the production routes for standardised conveyor elements (in particular idlers, conical rollers and motor rollers) were at the heart of the plant's planning. Once again, Rollex is well positioned to fulfil the value proposition and the wishes of its customers in the future.

With the expansion of the production areas, the opportunity is now also being utilised to expand the component business in the bearing technology sector. Rollex already offers roller and roller tracks as well as brake and brake support rollers for various requirements. The area of gravity roller conveyors (FiFo and LiFo) and components for self-assembly will also continue to gain in importance for Rollex.

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